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Fun, Educational, Unique, Exhilarating, Adventurous - That's Jungle Surfing!

Flying Fox Zip Lining Through The Cape Tribulation Rainforest

Cairns rainforest tours award wining Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours is up in the beautiful Cape Tribulation Daintree Rainforest and a world class fun and ehilirating  zip lining experience for the whole family to enjoy. Children as young as three years old can be strapped in and taken for a ride and so can grandma and grandpa to give the whole family a thrilling two hour tour you will talk about and re-live forever.

If you have ever wanted to get up high in the rainforest trees and swing from vine to vine or in this case platform to platform just like a modern day Tarzan and Jane then here is your moment of freedom. Just make sure you give a good Tarzan call for everyone in the Cape Tribulation jungle to be able to hear you.

Jungle Surfing Half Day Tours – How It works

Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours is an Eco Certified multi tourism award winning day tour that shows visitors a unique way of looking at and interacting with the Cape Tribulation Rainforest in an ecological way and at the same time have the time of your life flying free as a bird from platform to platform.

After your pick up connection at the Jungle Adventure Centre on Cape Tribulation Road you will be taken to Jungle Surfings private property rainforest location which is only a short 10 minute drive away to the harnessing and safety briefing area.

Here you will be fitted with a full body harness and safety helmet and then winched up one by one and met by the first abseiling specialist. You will be abseiling along five platforms all varying in height from the rainforest floor with the highest point being 22.5 meters across Mason Creek.

At each platform you will be connected to the next tree and given a talk on your surroundings by one of Jungle Surfings scientists, tour guides or abseiling specialists just to make it that much more interesting .

For the couples who want to try and hold hands or fly together then make the most of platforms one to two and three to four as you will zip line side by side only a few meters apart so make sure you have the camera ready for some exciting photographs of each other.

At these sections the abseiling guides will be in control of your speed and they will bring you to a halt at platforms two and three which is the highest point of the half day tour at 23 meters above Mason Creek which is especially spectacular in the green season when it's a raging torrent of fresh mountain water making its way out to the Great Barrier Reef to fertilize it with all the nutrients it carries from the mountains and rainforests.

Platform three to four is where you spread your wings and fly fast solo thru old growth rainforest and give your absolute best Tarzan or Jane cry for everyone to hear.

Platforms four to five is the place where you can either make a goose of yourself or an enigma and go for some back flipping zip lining whilst upside down to get a different perspective on the Daintree Cape Tribulation rainforest canopy.

Platform 5 is the termination point of your Jungle Surfing adventure and you just have a short walk back the harnessing and briefing area where you can by yourselves some souvenirs of your fun half day activity in the Cape Tribulation rainforest.

How Long Is the Tour?

Now for those time planners you will spend a total of 1.5 to 2 hours in total with pick up and drop off and you will be swinging thru the trees for around 1.1.25 hours of that time

How Many Jungle Tours Are There Per Day?

Tours start in the morning at 7:45am, 8:45am, 9:45am, 10:45am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm every day except Christmas Day and New Year's Day and all self drivers need to be at the Jungle Adventure Centre at least 10 minutes prior to these departure times to ensure you do not miss the tour.

If you are actually staying in overnight accommodation in a Cape Tribulation resort then please let us know and we can arrange to pick you up from your hotel.

How Long Does It Take To Get To Jungle Surfing From Cairns?

If you are a self driver we recommend that you give yourself at least two hours to drive to the Daintree River Ferry and then once on the other side of the river at least 45 minutes drive to the Jungle Adventure Centre but just to be sure we recommend you plan for three hours.

Whilst you are in the Daintree Cape Tribulation rainforest you can also do lot's of other fun activities like a Daintree River cruise to see the Saltwater Crocodiles in their natural habitat, go horseback riding along the beach, kayaking out to an island, hiking along the boardwalks and look out points in Cape Tribulation.

There is so much to see and do when you spend a day in the Daintree Cape Tribulation World Heritage area.

Are You Staying Overnight in a Cape Tribulation Resort?


More Rainforest Tours Cairns - Jungle Adventures Night Walks


If you are staying in a Cape Tribulation Resort overnight then you must go and experience a night walk thru the rainforest as this is when all the forests nocturnal creatures come to life and go about their business of foraging for food and shelter and looking for friends to play with.

Did you know that over 50% of our endemic species known to this continent actually live here in the Daintree Cape Tribulation Rainforest?

Well yes they do and that is why taking a night walk is so exciting as you will get to see so many varieties of animals moving about the forest floor and thru the trees. You will hear the insects singing, the nocturnal birds calling and the furry critters rustling thru the leaves and branches of the forest floor.

What To Wear On This Night Tour

As the rainforest has lots of roots and stumps to negotiate we recommend hiking boots or closed in shoes with socks or even long pants just so that you do not get scratched by bushes or twigs.

Make sure you have got your insect repellant on and you are quite capable of walking around and exploring the rainforest for around two hours. During the Green season we will provide you with a raincoat and of course you will be given a torch to enable you to see around the rainforest.

We recommend that children are over eight years of age for their comfort and the comfort of other guests exploring the rainforest at night as you need to be stealth fully quiet if you want to see lot's of the nocturnal wildlife.

Groups are more than welcome to enquire about participating in this night tour you just need to give us enough advance notice to make the arrangements for you.

For more information on Cairns rainforest tours VISIT OUR WEBSITE 

Half Day Tour | Cape Tribulation Tropical North Queensland | Allow 2 Hours To Complete The Tour

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Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour
  • Location: Jungle Adventure Centre - Cape Tribulation Road
  • Duration:

    2 hours (approx) with at least 1 hour up in the canopy

With over an hour up in the trees, you'll have plenty of time to experience and learn about the hidden secrets of the canopy. And if you're a bit more gung ho and adventurous then the last two spans give you the chance to fly fast and even upside down. The scenery is stunning with views across the rainforest canopy, down fresh water mountain streams and out to the Great Barrier Reef.

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Adhil Mohamed

16 Oct 2014


We had good time Jungle Surfing with the family. Great for the young one fun on the hampster wheel thank you Adhil

Mathew Parker

25 Jun 2012


I didn't find jungle surfing scary at all.. a better word would be exhilarating. Definitely the best way to see the rainforest is being above it. The staff were fantastic and I will go again.

Lilly Jane

05 Mar 2012


What a BRILLIANT way to see the RAINFOREST. :) It was sooo so good. I was like a little nervous about being so high up, but once I got on it I didn't want to come down.. I even got to go upside down. Thanks to all the staff, you guys are the BEST.

christina james

23 Jan 2012


Went Jungle Surfing a few weeks back with my family and just loved it. The staff were very funny and very professional at the same time. Thanks guys it was a great way to see the rainforest

George Frantiago

21 Jan 2012

Orange County, California

Honestly, the best way to do the rainforest. It was very cool being in the canopy. I felt very safe the whole time and my friend who is scared of heights even got up the courage to do this. Nothing like an ice cream at the end of the day to top it all off.

Todd Walker

05 Dec 2011


We were staying up at Cape Trib for a couple of days and this made for a nice fun little activity during the day. I was impressed by the staff, they were all very friendly and accomodating. All in all a great activity, specially if you have kids.

Kylie Morgans

01 Dec 2011


Just wanted to do a shout out to the staff at Jungle Surfing, they were all so good to me specially seeing as I am sssooooo scared of heights but I DID IT. and wouldn't have without their support so thank youuuuuuuuuu :D

Julia Winters

26 Nov 2011

Western Australia

THE BEST WAY TO SEE THE RAINFOREST! I loved the helmet names so cute.

Regina Rampton

28 Oct 2011


We had so much fun Jungle Surfing up in Cape Tribulation and I highly recommend you book early to do this whilst in Cairns as it was a super way to see the rainforest and have some fun at the same time Cheers guys and thanks for the experience

Lizzie Christmas

22 Oct 2011


Yahoo Jungle surfing was sooo much fine Highly recommend you try it

Richard Fitzgerald

28 Sep 2011


Just too Cool! Made the long trek to Daintree and Cape Tribulation actually worth it. Make sure you get up early and do this it was fun. Then you can do lot's of other stuff looking around Daintree afterwards. Thanks guys brilliant!

Tara Gibson

05 Sep 2011


Man it was a lot of fun. Scared at first but what a way to see the rainforest. Thanks for your patience Jungle Surfing guys

Kelly Fox

03 Sep 2011


I want to see that rainforest and I saw it in style. The staff were very friendly, the view was fantastic and it was honestly just a whole lot of fun.

Katrina Sookey

27 Aug 2011


LOL we had soo much fun Jungle Surfing. I thought I would be terrified of falling but all good I survived. Everyone was great the views and experience was fantastic. I wanna do it again!

John Mason

25 Aug 2011


The whole Family did Jungle Surfing on our recent Holiday in Palm Cove. It was honestly one of the highlights of our trip to the tropics. We all enjoyed it so much. Thank you for a lifetimes experience.